Part of The Iguazu Falls seen from the Argentinian National Park

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Soak up the sun on the top beaches, go skiing, witness spectacular football matches and appreciate the fascinating customs of the indigenous cultures. South America is where you will find all kinds of contrasts, from sweltering rainforest around the equator to snowy peaks and from bustling, modern cities to the remains of an ancient civilization. Visit different countries for days or weeks and enjoy this entire continent’s culture, beauty, and excitement.

See modern art and architecture alongside historical indigenous and European details in one of the top cities in the world, Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina. Try to improve your Spanish in this fantastic country or admire a tango, a timeless expression of emotions through dance. For outdoor adventures, hike and ski in the rugged mountains of Tierra del Fuego and Patagonia, the region that is part Argentina and part Chile.

Things to see and do in South America

Brazil and the Amazon

Brazil occupies almost half the continent. You can enjoy top beaches such as the famous Ipanema in Rio de Janeiro on the Atlantic Ocean. Less-known attractions can also be found here, such as Baia do Sancho and Lopes Mendes. Inland is where you will find, among other things, the great Amazon. Trek through the rainforest and opt for whitewater adventures or ecotourism. Surprisingly deep in the rainforest is a Renaissance-style opera house built in Manaus in the late 1800s. Nowadays, there are performances by a philharmonic orchestra. Watch football matches where Pelé, Ronaldo and other great football players come from.

Ruins and culture

Learn about the local past at the Jesuit ruins of La Santísima Trinidad del Paraná in Paraguay, visit the pre-Columbian ruins at El Fuerte de Samaipata in Bolivia, the walled old colonial city of Cartagena in Colombia and the high-altitude Inca fortress at Machu Picchu, Peru.

Appreciate the combination of different cultures, traditions, music, clothing and culinary specialities of the Quechua, Guaraní and hundreds of other indigenous peoples of the region. Examples of typical South American things are Argentine beef with a delicious pudding dessert with dulce de leche, a sweet, brown syrup. Eat as much as you like in a Brazilian churrascaria, which serves a variety of meats. Order a caipirinha with your meal, made from a sugar cane liqueur. For example, opt for feijoada, a Brazilian black bean stew served every Sunday.

Book the best destinations in South America

There are many exciting destinations in South America. But how do you choose which country to visit? It might be challenging to decide if you are still thinking about it. So have a look at the complete overview of countries in South America, which hopefully will help you choose. And because each country has so much to offer, you might even end up visiting a part of the world you have never been to before. Also, check out the overview of other continents to see what they offer.

Do you already know which destination you would like to fly to in South America? Fly into different airports like São Paulo Guarulhos International Airport, Jorge Chávez International Airport, Buenos Aires Jorge Newbury International Airport, etc., and easily find your way around these countries. Go ahead and search for your desired destination in our search box, and we’ll help you find the best flights. Enjoy saving money on flights to South America!

Some more interesting destinations in South America


Beaches. Nature. Culture.


Amazing landscapes, countless beaches and an irresistible party atmosphere make Brazil one of the most scenic and exciting countries in South America. Brazil has something unique to offer in South America. Discover the unmistakably vivid and colourful culture of Brazil in the

vast nature, the cities and the carnivals. Study colonial heritage in this South American country once colonised by Portugal. Remote islands of white sand beaches totalling 7,491km lie off the Atlantic coast, awaiting exploration. Experience the infectious energy of Rio de Janeiro, where you can explore the Pão de Açúcar (Sugar Mountain), the Ipanema neighbourhood and the Copacabana neighbourhood. Walk through the dunes of Natal and immerse yourself in the Afro-Brazilian culture of the city of Salvador.


Culture. Cuisine. Nature.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

This vast South American country is famous for its spectacular waterfalls, the fantastic Andes Mountains, wine, tango and the fascinating city of Buenos Aires. An enchanting capital and sleepy colonial towns: Argentina is a true paradise for travellers. The second-largest country

in South America has a beautiful, varied nature, including the snow-capped Andes, magnificent waterfalls, deserts, extensive vineyards and lakes. Argentina stretches 3,650 kilometres in the north from the border with Bolivia to Tierra del Fuego in southern South America. Buenos Aires is the beating heart of Argentina. It’s a fast-paced city where European influences coexist with a passion for tango, politics, cafes and nightlife. Discover the ever-changing look of Buenos Aires’ colourful neighbourhoods, admire the different architectural styles, taste Argentine steak in a traditional steakhouse, and learn the tango.


Nature. Cuisine. Culture.

Medellin, Colombia

Beautiful mountains, green jungles, tropical islands, colonial cities and a hospitable population make this South American country a great travel destination. Colombia is a friendly country with enormous geographical and cultural diversity. Relax on palm-lined beaches, hike coffee

plantations, see wildlife in lush rainforests, and experience the festive culture. Colombia is located northwest of South America on the beautiful Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean. Colombia’s cities and towns offer a glimpse into the country’s history and culture. The capital Bogota is known for the colonial, historic district of La Candelaria and the vibrant nightlife. Learn salsa dancing and celebrate Carnival in Cali. Visit the art galleries and parks of Medellín, the city also known as the City of Eternal Spring. Discover colonial monuments and experience the traditional festivities of Semana Santa in Popayán.


Rugged nature. Culture. History.


Experience fascinating ruins, bustling cities, beautiful landscapes, wild rivers and the Amazon jungle in the birthplace of the Inca Empire. Peru has an overwhelming diversity of attractions, from ancient civilizations and colonial heritage to spectacular landscapes, wildlife and

adventure sports. You can follow in the footsteps of the Incas, sail the highest lake in the world, hike through the Andes and surf at beautiful beaches. Peru is located on the west coast of South America, nestled between the rainforests of the Amazon and the Pacific Ocean. See excellent remains of Peru’s millennia-old civilizations. The most famous is undoubtedly the mystical Machu Picchu, a mountaintop citadel once the centre of the Inca civilization. You reach this place on foot via the sacred Inca Trail.


Nature. History. Culture.

Moai Statues in Easter Islands, Chile

Explore deserts, volcanoes, ski slopes and hiking trails in one of South America’s most diverse and adventurous countries. Located between the southern Andes and the Pacific Ocean, Chile has diverse landscapes, vast coastlines and adventure sports. This narrow strip of land

along the southwestern edge of South America contains deserts, beach resorts and vineyards, glaciers and winter sports mountains. Hiking, rafting, skiing and surfing are just a few examples of what there is to do in Chile. Chile’s vibrant capital, Santiago, is centrally located and is an important transportation hub. Explore eclectic neighbourhoods against a backdrop of the snowcapped Andes. Visit Valparaiso, and a colourful and artsy coastal city spread over more than 40 hills.


History. Nature. Culture.

On the northwest coast of South America lies an equatorial paradise full of tropical rainforest, snowy peaks, colonial cities and ancient civilizations. Ecuador welcomes visitors with three breathtaking natural regions of verdant jungles, beautiful beaches and the Andes

Mountains. Existing indigenous cultures, ancient Inca ruins and countless colonial monuments make Ecuador culturally diverse. Ecuador, the Spanish word for ‘equator’, is located in the northern and southern hemispheres. Ecuador’s biodiversity has attracted visitors for centuries, including renowned scientist Charles Darwin. The Sierra, located between the eastern and western ranges of the Andes, cuts across the country. Start your visit in Quito, the capital of Ecuador and one of the highest cities in the world.


History. Nature. Culture.

La Paz, Titicaca lake, Bolivia

Nestled among other countries in South America, this country is a destination of exceptional geographic diversity, exceptional wildlife, fascinating colonial history and interesting indigenous cultures. Bolivia is ‘on the roof of the world’ and has beautiful landscapes, ancient

civilizations and a colourful animal kingdom. The natural beauty ranges from snow-capped Andean peaks to salt flats and the Amazon rainforest. Bolivia is located in the heart of South America and was under Spanish rule for three centuries. Today, Spanish is spoken alongside thirty different indigenous languages. Start your visit in La Paz, located on a plateau at 3660 meters above sea level. See former and surviving colonial sites, visit markets and experience the culture of ancient civilizations such as the Aymara and Quichua. Visit nearby natural attractions such as the Valle de la Luna and Lake Titicaca, the highest commercially navigable lake in the world.

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