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Flights to Boston: Best ticket deals

Boston is one of the oldest cities in the United States, and you can see that in the streets. Boston also has a typical skyline with many high-rise buildings, but many old historic buildings are between those skyscrapers. Therefore, the city is one of the most ‘European‘ cities. But even if you’re not interested in history, you can easily spend several days in Boston. The city has some fascinating museums and thanks to its location on the Atlantic Ocean you can even spend a day at the beach in the summer. Or head out to sea to spot whales.

Things to see and do in Boston

East Boston, universities, and more

Founded as a shipbuilding centre and later home to Logan Airport, Boston’s easternmost area is a multi-cultural site full of historic sites and excellent restaurants serving all kinds of food worldwide. Discover the East Boston area, the gateway to the city of Boston. The area was founded in 1836, following the implementation of a landfill that united five islands in Boston Harbor. Over time, it has expanded from the port to the airport. Discover the fascinating history and variety of cultures that inhabit this area.

Home to two of the most prestigious universities in the US, Cambridge has distinguished charm, elegant dining venues, museums and riverside walks. Tour the campus of Harvard and admire the grand buildings in which some of America’s greatest minds have been cultivated. Visit museums and galleries on campus before visiting the contrasting Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), where cutting-edge architecture houses the students shaping the future. Cruises on the Charles River, numerous boutiques, and a culinary culture that rivals some of the country’s most elegant cities will keep you busy for the rest of your visit.

Take a tour of Harvard and meet the host of famous alumni who has studied here, including President Barack Obama and poet T.S. Elliot. Take an apprenticeship of your own and visit the Harvard Museum of Natural History, where more than 12,000 specimens are on display. Art fans can visit the Harvard Art Museum, which comprises three distinct sections focusing on Western, Germanic and Asian art.

Back Bay, Downtown Boston, and more

Parisian boulevards and elegant brownstones evoke a romantic atmosphere, perfect for strolling and window shopping. Back Bay used to be a big swamp. Now it is one of the most popular areas in Boston. This is where you’ll find beautiful homes and historical sites alongside some of the trendiest shops, plus two of the tallest towers in the city. Enjoy a relaxing afternoon visiting this modern and elegant area.

Experience a turning point in American history when you visit downtown Boston. The downtown area of ‚Äč‚Äčthis city has several famous revolutionary sites where the nation changed forever. However, this area is more than just an open-air museum. Also, visit this historic area’s fabulous restaurants, world-famous theatres and family attractions.

Stand by the Statue of Sam Adams to join the Freedom Trail, a walking route that tells the story of Boston, led by costumed guides. This area has several attractions, such as the Old State House, the seat of Boston’s colonial government, and the Old South Meeting House, where the revolutionaries made their plans and voted for the Boston Tea Party. Walk down to the river to see the historic ship that houses the Boston Tea Party Ships and Museum.

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Boston is the perfect destination if you’re looking for a long city trip. Boston Logan International Airport is the international airport serving the city of Boston. It is the second busiest airport in Canada and serves as a hub for Delta Air Lines. You can easily use public transport to find your way to the city centre. Find your tickets and book on this page. has the cheapest airline tickets to Boston and other parts of the world.

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