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Some interesting destinations in North America

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Flights to North America: Cheap ticket deals!

North America is a beautiful and exciting continent and offers a wide range of options for an active trip. The parks, in particular, are perfect for hikers and thrill-seeking travellers. Nature is overwhelmingly beautiful and invites you to go hiking, horseback riding or cycling. But you can also make a round trip through various parks with shortstops, where you will probably get an impression of the most beautiful parts of the continent.

Things to see and do in North America

North America is known for its significant metropolises, scenic towns or vast natural landscapes protected as national parks. In North American countries like Greenland, Canada and the United States, you get to enjoy fascinating metropolises, welcoming little towns, forested wildernesses and vast lakes. Visit the excellent beaches on the Atlantic or the Pacific Ocean or the Gulf of Mexico, ski in the eastern or western mountains, or discover the far north’s tundra.

Whatever kind of vacation you may want, choose from countless fun and popular destinations in North America, and you will never be disappointed.

Book the best destinations in North America

There are many exciting destinations in North America. But how do you choose which country to visit? It might be challenging to decide if you are still thinking about it. So, look at the complete overview of North American countries, which will hopefully help you choose. And because each continent has so much to offer, you might even end up visiting a part of the world you have never been to before. Also, check out the overview of other continents to see what they offer.

Do you already know which destination you would like to fly to in North America? Fly into different airports like New York JFK Airport, Toronto Pearson International Airport, etc., and easily find your way around these countries. Go ahead and search for your desired destination in our search box, and we’ll help you find the best flights. Enjoy saving money on flights to North America!

Some interesting destinations in North America

United States of America

Culture. Cuisine. History.


Cities such as New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Washington D.C. will give you a sense of American arts and culture. The towns are full of skyscrapers, impressive museums and art galleries and countless entertainment

centres. There are also cuisines from all corners of the world and professional American football, basketball and baseball games to enjoy.


Cuisine. History. Culture.

Boats docked along Rideau Canal, Ottawa, Canada

Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Ottawa and Québec offer similar attractions in Canada and have French influences reflected in the language and customs. The city also has vast Chinatowns. You can experience the best of ice

hockey in the great arenas and on frozen water in Canada. Plus, learn about the First Nations people who lived in the northern part of the continent long before the arrival of Europeans.


History. Culture. Cuisine. Sun.

Guadalajara Metropolitan Cathedral Mexico

Appreciate the impressive art and architecture of Mexico City. See the folklore ballet and visit museums with a collection of anthropological and artistic objects, including the acclaimed Museo Frida Kahlo. Enjoy spicy

meals on a food tour and buy handmade silver jewellery. Climb the 2,000-year-old pyramids of the pre-colonial site of Teotihuacan. Mexico’s beaches are justifiably famous. Along the western Pacific coast, you can see cliff divers in Acapulco, enjoy Puerto Vallarta, and watch marine life in Cabo San Lucas. Cozumel and Cancun on the eastern Yucatan Peninsula near the Gulf of Mexico offer beautiful sandy beaches with coral reefs and nearby Mayan ruins.


Adventure. Culture. Rugged nature.

Colorful Ilulissat in Sunset, Greenland

Greenland is more than ice. Even though it consists mainly of a thick ice cap, the island offers a lot to the adventurous visitor, with beautiful landscapes and unique animals. Greenland’s nature is unprecedentedly raw and impressive.

Those who love adventure travel should visit this vast island, where you will encounter glaciers, fjords, huskies and the local population. Get into a kayak, paddle through the immense Scoresby Sound fjord in the east of the island and see the massive mountain walls in all their glory. The town of Nuuk is the capital of Greenland. It is located in the western part of the island. The ancestors of the Inuit migrated from Canada to Greenland, so get acquainted with their culture in various museums in Greenland.


Culture. Cuisine. Beaches. nature.

Cuba is a country full of history and myths. Whatever you think you know about this intriguing island nation, you are sure to be surprised by its rapidly changing reality. Historic cities where time seems to have stood still, beautiful

nature reserves and of course breathtaking beaches! Cuba has so much to offer for those seeking relaxation, a beach vacation, or an adrenaline-filled adventure.

Dominican Republic

Culture. Beaches. Nature. Cuisine.

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic, often abbreviated to DR, knows how to captivate every traveller. Whether you want to enjoy the snow-white beaches, climb mountains, discover rainforests, soak up the culture in colonial cities or surf the

world’s best waves. It’s all possible here. Many travellers make the mistake of thinking that the DR only has beautiful beaches. Although there is certainly nothing wrong with that, the country has much more to offer. Beautiful valleys, impressive mountains, gigantic waterfalls, blue lagoons and colonial cities are just a small selection of the many sights Dominican Republic.


Beaches. Cuisine. Culture.

Eight Rivers Jamaica

Jamaica is a beautiful holiday island in the Caribbean where you can spend hours on the beach with a glass of rum and some sweet reggae music. But there’s so much more to do than doze off under the sun. Jamaica has many

activities and sights so you will not get bored quickly. You can splash at waterfalls, hike through the mountains, visit famous beaches, explore marine life and discover haunted mansions.

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