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Jumeirah Mosque in Dubai, United Arab Emirates




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Travel to the Middle East and explore certain countries such as Israel, Jordan, Qatar, Lebanon and the United Arab Emirates. Discover many beautiful beaches and delicious food, colourful mosques and large luxury hotels while also getting lost in many lively markets. These countries have the oldest cities in the world but at the same time some of the places with the latest technologies.

The Middle East is still an unknown travel destination for most people, and therefore there is still mysterious and has plenty to discover! The great diversity makes it challenging to choose where to start. The Middle East is sandwiched between Asia, Europe and Africa and is a mixture of different cultures and religions.

From dune bashing, desert racing on a desert safari, to camping under the stars, enjoying a dinner cruise on a dhow and haggling for gold and spices in the traditional souks, the Middle East has everything you need for a memorable vacation.

Whatever vacation you want, choose from countless fun and popular destinations in the Middle East, and you will never be disappointed. There are so many more exciting destinations, and all of them have something unique and exciting to offer. Visit this continent for the experience of a lifetime.

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There are many exciting destinations in the Middle East. But how do you choose which country to visit? It might be challenging to decide if you are still thinking about it. So, look at the complete overview of the Middle East countries, which will hopefully help you choose. And because each continent has so much to offer, you might even end up visiting a part of the world you have never been to before. Also, check out the overview of other continents to see what they offer.

Do you already know which destination you would like to fly to in the Middle East? Fly into different airports like Dubai International Airport, Doha Hamad Airport, King Fahd International Airport, Abu Dhabi International Airport, etc., and easily find your way around these countries. Go ahead and search for your desired destination in our search box, and we’ll help you find the best flights. Enjoy saving money on flights to the Middle East!

Some more interesting destinations in the Middle East


Sun. Hospitality. Cuisine.

Doha, Qatar

Qatar is a small, oil-rich Arab country, almost surrounded by the Persian Gulf. Visit the modern downtown for a luxury shopping experience and futuristic architecture.

The gleaming skyline of the capital Doha is the jewel in Qatar’s crown. Doha at night is very photogenic as all the lights from the ultra-modern towers are reflected in the waters of the Persian Gulf. Take a trip on a dhow to admire the skyline from the water or charter a fishing boat. Shopping is a much-loved activity in this country. You can choose from everything from chic malls and souks to buy delicious international food on the street and Arabic lanterns, decorative arts, silks, jewellery and shoes.


History. Cuisine. Sun.

Old city of Yafo (Jaffa), Tel Aviv, Israel

Israel was founded as a Jewish country, but today its religious sites attract many Christian and Muslims as Jewish visitors. Explore the many sacred sites in the cities

and unwind at the Dead Sea and the Mediterranean coast. Jerusalem is the religious centre of Israel. Muslim and Jewish pilgrims converge in this city at the octagonal, gold-crowned Dome of the Rock. This building is a memorial for Muslims and a holy place for Jews. Join the crowd at the Western Wall. The remains of this temple from the first century BC are also a sacred place within Judaism. Jerusalem is also home to the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, where Christians believe Jesus was crucified and buried before coming back to life. Additional religious structures can be found in the cities of Nazareth and Bethlehem.


History. Sun. Cuisine.

Paphos, Cyprus

Underneath the sands of this beach-studded Mediterranean island are Greek and Roman ruins. The island consists of a Turkish and Greek part. Over the

centuries, Cyprus has repeatedly been in the hands of Eastern and Western empires. Today, the island’s northeast is a Turkish enclave, separated from the independent nation of Greek descent to the southwest. Due to its complicated past, Cyprus is dotted with archaeological sites and ancient Greek, Roman and Ottoman buildings. In addition, you will find golden Mediterranean beaches, blue-green crystal clear water and friendly seaside resorts.

Saudi Arabia

History. Cuisine. Sun.

Jabal Al Ahmar, Saudi Arabia

This land of Bedouin hospitality, desert dunes and the Red Sea beaches may not be well known among Westerners, but the country offers fantastic experiences for the

adventurous traveller. While Saudi Arabia has not always welcomed non-Muslim travellers, today the country is more open to Western tourists. Explore the amazing desert and coastal landscapes, modern cities and archaeological sites. Get to know the country’s complex Arabic culture and the history of the Bedouin. Riyadh is the capital of Saudi Arabia and in the Qasr Al-Hokm district you can find some historic buildings, but otherwise, the city is thoroughly modern.


History. Culture. Cuisine.

Iconic Archways in Bahrain Fort, Manama, Bahrain

In this tiny island nation on the Persian Gulf, remnants of ancient empires sit next to glass-enclosed industrial buildings in a scenic desert area. The island

nation of Bahrain is located in a desert and is small, but growing. With revenues from the country’s former oil industry and currently thriving banking industry, planners and businessmen have expanded the country in recent years to include artificial islands in the Persian Gulf. Modern skyscrapers are being built continuously in the capital Manama, making Bahrain feel like a new place, even though the island has been inhabited for over 4,000 years. Explore the ancient fortresses and unusual towers.


Culture. Sun. Cuisine.

Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque in Muscat, Oman

This sultanate on the Arabian Sea features a rich capital, a mountain range with picturesque canyons and several sandy dune regions. Oman has been coveted throughout

the ages for its strategic location at the mouth of the Persian Gulf. Portugal occupied the country for more than 140 years, but today Oman is ruled by a rich and powerful sultan. Discover the riches in and around the capital and explore the diverse landscape. Muscat is the capital of Oman and the sultan’s headquarters. The coastal city is adorned with wondrous structures that were erected at the end of the 20th century at the behest of Sultan Qaboos bin Said Al Said. For example, go to the Grand Mosque Sultan Qaboos, an Islamic place of worship with space for 20,000 people. In the prayer hall, you will find one of the world’s largest Persian carpets.


History. Cuisine. Culture. Sun.

Amman, Petra

In the land of sandstone deserts and Islamic mosques, you will find ancient settlements and cultural sites. Float in the salty waters of the Dead Sea. Jordan is a kingdom in the

Middle East where historic ruins, Islamic art and architecture and modern cities offer plenty of options for a trip. See Biblical sites and visit biospheres near the red desert sands. Petra in southern Jordan is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Visit ‘The Treasury’, also known as Al Khazneh. This ornate monument was carved out of the red sandstone cliffs over 2000 years ago. Go for a walk through the narrow passage called the Siq. This passage was carved by water into a large rock of sandstone.

United Arab Emirate

History. Cuisine. Culture. Sun.

Jumeirah Mosque in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

The United Arab Emirates is the crossroads where the cultures of the Middle East and the West converge and where luxury shopping malls, exquisite restaurants and

beautiful beaches stand out against the vastness of the desert. The emirates consist of Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Umm al-Qaiwain, Ras al-Khaimah and Fujairah. Visit famous shopping malls and luxury hotels and immerse yourself in the cultures and history of the desert. Discover the unique attractions of Dubai’s shopping malls, from indoor ski slopes to huge aquariums and zoos. Discover the history of Dubai at the 18th-century Al Fahidi Fort, which today houses the Dubai Museum.

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