What are the conditions for the Airobot service?

  • This service can only be purchased while making your flight booking, not afterwards and cannot be refunded.
  • By choosing this service you authorise Airobot to complete automated flight check-in in your name and in the names of all passengers included in your booking. You accept to provide Airobot all the information needed to complete automated flight check-in (passenger birth date, ID expiration date, country of issue, etc.).
  • You declare that you have read, understood and accept the transport conditions of the chosen airline, especially its restrictions, in your name and on behalf of all passengers included in the booking.
  • It is not a guarantee that your entire travel party will be seated together.
  • Airobot cannot complete the automated flight check-in and send you your boarding pass until the airline opens their automated flight check-in service.
  • If Airobot cannot complete your online check-in, for any reason, you will receive an email and you are entitled to receive a refund from Travelgenio.

If the contact information was not provided correctly or correctly saved, contact our customer contact center immediately, indicating the incorrect information. 

Airobot is not responsible in the following situations:

  • If you or any other passenger in the same flight reservation have not complied with the airline’s travel conditions.
  • If you do not provide the Airobot automated flight check-in service with all the information requested according to the terms and procedures.
  • If you or any other passenger in your flight reservation is denied boarding because the information given to the Airobot for automated flight check-in is incorrect.
  • If the airline requests any additional payment in case you were checked-in at the airport.
  • If the airline can’t modify your flight reservation after it has issued your boarding card.


This information is subject to change at any time. Therefore we always recommend you to visit the website of the issuing airline and double-check for accuracy and updates.

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