Book cheap airline tickets 24 hours a day, 7 days a week online on Enter your wishes, look and compare all airlines. Select your preferred flight and book safely in a few steps your ticket.

Important: The person making the booking (main booker) must be at least 18 years old. If travellers are under 16 unaccompanied by an adult they may be requested guidance in advance. With some airlines (Ryanair, among others), it is even forbidden to passengers who are under 16 years old to travel alone. Contact us or the airline directly for more information about unaccompanied minors.

Book your ticket with us in a few simple steps.

Place a search

On the homepage you will find the search box. This defaults to departure from London e.g. Choose your destination, and travel dates, enter the number of people and click “Search”. If you would like to depart from an airport other than London, you can easily adjust that in the search box as well as selecting a one way trip instead of a return one.

You will see a waiting screen. Your search is being processed and will be immediately checked for availability of flights.

On the result page you can find the flights that are available for your travel dates and itinerary with the rate applicable at that time. Rates include airport taxes, excluding any baggage fees. Each flight indicates whether the rate includes  luggage or not. On the top and on the left you can add extra filters/ selections to make the best choice for your trip. Select the chosen outbound flight and continue to the inbound flight (if you have chosen a return flight). If you click on the arrow next to the flight, you will see the complete flight schedule.

Continue to personal data. You are now on the screen where you can enter your personal information. You first enter the passenger(s) details. Note that the names match exactly with the names in the passport! In most cases, the main contact is one of the passengers. But it is also possible that someone other than the passenger(s) is the main booker. In that case you can select ‘main booker does not travel along’.

Continue to bags and seats. Here you can add extra baggage and preferred seats to your booking. If it is not possible to book this online, you can always go to My Trips after finishing your reservation and request that we add it to your reservation. Please note that an administration fee will be charged, next to the costs of the airline, unless you purchase the Special services.

You can then select your preferred Enhanced Refundable Terms or Basic Refundable Terms.

For optimal cover of yourself and your trip, you can also select the **service package** that suits you best, and other extras such as:

  • Special Services
  • Flexible ticket
  • Refund guaranteed
  • Bankruptcy refund guarantee
  • Customer Service level

On the following page you will find a summary of your trip. Please check all names and details. This is extremely important. When you have checked everything and everything seems correct, please proceed to payment.

Enter payment details and agree with the conditions below. Once your payment has been processed, you will receive an email with your flight reservation. Please note that this is only a booking confirmation, and it is not your e-ticket. You will receive your electronic tickets within the next 96 hours, once your tickets have been issued.

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