Online check-in is compulsory  with Ryanair and Laudamotion from 48 hours up to 2 hours before departure, or from 60 days before departure if you buy a seat online. Did you book a return flight with Ryanair or LaudaMotion? In that case it is also compulsory to check-in for your return flight. For LaudaMotion you will need to go to the website of Ryanair as well and follow the same procedure for check-in.

Check-in at Ryanair step by step

  1. Go to the website of Ryanair and click on my bookings.
  2. “Choose ‘Log in‘ and enter your e-mail address and password or if you do not have one yet, choose “reservation number”. Fill in the reservation number and the e-mail address you used at the time of booking and register with Ryanair to access your booking.
  3. 3. Click on “Retrieve your booking”.”
  4. Press the yellow button “Check-in”
  5. Follow the steps and print your boardingpass.  Remember to take your boarding pass to the airport, otherwise Ryanair / LaudaMotion charges additional fees.

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