A flight can go via different routes. But what exactly is the difference between a stop and a transfer? And what does it mean if you have a stop-over?

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What means a stop on your trip?

If you do not make a stop, then it is called a direct flight. The plane makes a stop to refuel or to onboard passengers. You will fly with the same aircraft (with the same flight number) and continue flying to your final destination. On your booking confirmation you can check if your flight has a stop.

What is a stop-over?

If, during your journey, your connecting flight departs at least 24 hours later than your first flight has arrived, it is called a stop-over. It might happen that you want to interrupt a long journey. You can stay one night or evenĀ  longer in the city where you have your transfer. In that case you leave the airport, collect all your luggage and come check-in for your connecting flight .

Transfer during travel / Inter-airport transfer

If you have a transfer, then it means you have to change planes. Check at the transfer airport when you arrive always the information screens to see at which gate your connecting flight departs. This connecting flight has a different flight number. At the gate, you show your boarding pass and board the aircraft.

Sometimes the cheapest or the fastest route to your destination is with a transfer between different airports, the so-called inter-airport transfer. Here you arrive at a different airport than where you depart from. This can occur when the city where you have the transfer is served by several airports. A familiar example is London, but New York, Istanbul and Tokyo are also cities where the inter-airport transfer can occur.

What does this mean for you when you travel? The airline does not offer any service between these airports, so you will need to arrange your own transportation and collect your luggage at the arrival airport. You will need to drop off your luggage, if you have, at the airport where your connecting flight departs. Always check your flight schedule so you are prepared.

Below we mention cities where inter-airport transfers are possible:


London is served by six different airports.We recommend to pre-book a transfer between two airports.

If you prefer public transport, please visit to the website of the airport of arrival for more information.

New York

New York is served by international airports John F. Kennedy (JFK), Newark and La Guardia. Transfers between airports can be private or public. If you prefer public transport, please visit to the website of the airport of arrival for more information.

For transportation between La Guardia and Newark we advise you to book a private airport transfer, to avoid stress.


There are two international airports in Istanbul; Istanbul Sabiha Gokcen Airport. If you have booked a ticket with an inter-airport transfer, you can choose to take bus from one to travel to another airport. The IETT Havaitas shuttle bus offers transportation between the two airports. More information and timetables can be found on their website.


Tokyo has two international airports, Narita and Haneda. You can travel by train or airport shuttle between the two airports. For more information on the various transport options check the Haneda and Narita Airport websites.

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