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Flights to Spain: Best ticket deals

Spain is a country of diverse landscapes, from the peaks of the Pyrenees to the sun-drenched beaches and desert-like interiors. Enjoy the backdrop of scenic beauty as you check out the eclectic architecture, sample regional delicacies, and get carried away at one of the country’s many festivals.

Spain comprises 17 regions, all of which offer enchanting landscapes, exciting outdoor adventures and a relaxed atmosphere on its beautiful beaches. Travelling through this country, you will encounter mountain villages full of characteristic white houses; you can visit Moorish fortresses and Romanesque churches and see one of the world’s most famous art collections.

Things to see and do in Spain


Go on an architecture excursion in one of the Spanish cities. Stroll around Barcelona‘s Gothic Quarter and marvel at Gaudi’s buildings. See, for example, the spectacular Sagrada Familia, the never-finished basilica whose appearance is reminiscent of melting candle wax. In Granada, visit the Moorish palace-fortress of Alhambra and unwind in the fragrant gardens of the Generalife. Visit the Plaza de EspaƱa in Seville. While you’re in town, check out a flamenco show in Triana, one of the venues that claim to be the birthplace of this folk music and dance.


Culture lovers can indulge themselves in the many museums and art galleries in the country. Of course, Bilbao’s most famous attraction is the Museo Guggenheim Bilbao, with its titanium roof and futuristic architecture. Admire the works of Francisco Goya and other Spanish artists in the internationally acclaimed collections of the Museo del Prado in the capital city, Madrid. Follow the development of Spain’s most famous son at the Museo Picasso in Barcelona.

The outdoors

Experience the Spanish passion for outdoor activities. Go hiking in the hills of the Parque Nacional de Los Picos de Europa. Go skiing in the Pyrenees or the Sierra Nevada mountains above Granada. Cycle inland on more than 1,600 kilometres of disused railways, known today as the Via Verde.


The further south you go in Spain, the warmer it gets. Many resorts on the southern coasts are popular year-round vacation spots. Go to the beaches of Costa Blanca or Costa del Sol. Although nude sunbathing is allowed on Spanish beaches, the real nudists naturally head to Vera Playa, where the country’s first naturist hotel is.


For water sports, head to Tarifa, on the Atlantic coast. Thanks to the strong winds, you can enjoy excellent wind and kite surfing here all year round. Tarifa is also the closest part of Spain to the African continent. Leave time in your schedule to make the 35-minute ferry crossing to Tangier in Morocco.


Spain’s calendar is full of parties and festivals, so it’s easy enough to plan your visit to include one of these events. Watch Seville transform during the Semana Santa religious festival the week before Easter, pick a city along the coast in June to catch the Moros y Cristianos festival, or be in Barcelona in September for the city’s biggest street party La Merce. Spain has everything for every kind of visitor. From the party-filled beaches of Ibiza to the tranquil atmospheres of Lanzarote. Enjoy the exciting history, delicious cuisine, welcoming locals, and eye-catching architecture.

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