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Flights to Lisbon: Cheap ticket deals!

A favourite of many, Lisbon is well known for its hospitality, iconic landmarks, delicious food, and Portugal’s capital. This beautiful city, located near the Atlantic Ocean, has fewer than three million inhabitants, including suburbs, making it the largest city in Portugal. Lisbon is built on hills, which means that some neighbourhoods have reasonable differences in level. The city also has a historic centre: Baixa. It is a must-see because many important buildings are in this district. The adjacent Bairro Alto district is just as beautiful, which you can reach from the centre with a thirty-meter-high lift. Bairro Alto is the neighbourhood to be for a nice dinner or just for an outing. Lisbon is the perfect destination for city trips and thanks to, you can find the cheapest flight tickets to Lisbon.

Things to do and see in Lisbon

Pay a visit to the Mosteiro dos Jeronimos, a Belém district monastery, a prominent Lisbon building. The sanctuary contains the graves of, among others, explorer Vasco de Gama, poets Fernando Pessoa and Luís de Cames, and members of the Royal family. The dimensions of this beautiful monastery are imposing. The inside of the sanctuary is decorated with Manueline motifs and European and Moorish motifs, all elements that make the monastery very special. The Spanish architecture and Renaissance style are also fascinating.

Also, stop by at the Castelo de Sao Jorge, a beautiful castle located on top of the highest hill in the centre of Lisbon. The court offers a lovely view of the city. Geese and ducks wander through the castle’s gardens, and locals also like to stay in the shade under a tree.

A trip to Lisbon is not complete without visiting Oceanario de Lisbon, Lisbon’s large aquarium located in the modern Parque das Nações district. North American architect Peter Chermayeff designed the building, which resembles an aircraft carrier. Like the Parque das Nações, this Oceanarium was also built for the world exhibition Expo ’98. Please take a tour of the aquarium and discover what makes it unique.

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Lisbon is ideal for a city ​​trip or as the start of a long holiday in Portugal. Fly from the UK to Lisbon with the airlines British AirwaysTAP Air Portugal, or easyJet. With Ryanair, you fly from London to Lisbon.

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