Lisbon, Portugal

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Things to see and do in Portugal


History. Culture. Cuisine.

Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon is the capital and also the largest city of Portugal. The colourful city with its distinctive trams has a beautiful history with exciting legends. There is a legend that the Greek hero Odysseus founded Lisbon. The city has been conquered by various groups, including the Romans

and the Moors. In the eighteenth century, Portugal was hit by an earthquake, which destroyed many cities. Centuries ago, famous explorers, such as Vasco da Gama, departed from this place. Da Gama’s tomb is in the 16th-century Jerónimos Monastery, or Mosteiro dos Jerónimos, and his statue stands atop the impressive Arco da Rua Augusta.


Port. Wine. Culture.


Although Lisbon seems to have been built from revenue generated from the city’s many imports, the city of Porto has grown thanks to the country’s most famous export: port, the sweet dessert wine. Discover the wine region surrounding the city, where vineyards blanket the hills

along the banks and valleys of the winding Douro. In the hilly cityscape of Porto, you will find both baroque and modern masterpieces of architecture among the colourful mansions.


Wine. Nature. Hiking.

Funchal, Madeira, Portugal

This island in the Atlantic Ocean is lovely for a week of relaxation and connection with nature. The Portuguese Zarco discovered Madeira, and the island’s name means wood. Here you are immediately surrounded by breathtaking nature filled with greenery, eye-catching

flowers and beautiful mountains. The island is also ideal for hikers and has gorgeous hotels and restaurants where you can spend the night and taste delicious Portuguese cuisine. Enjoy an ‘Espada’, a local black fish, and taste the Madeira wine.


Adventure. Nature. Beauty.


Unique to Portugal as a European country are the Azores, an archipelago in the Atlantic Ocean that lies well off the Portuguese coast but is part of the country. Visit this group of 9 volcanic islands and experience unique outdoor adventures. The Pico, the highest peak in Portugal,

rises above the archipelago. From the top, you have a breathtaking view over the central islands of the Azores. On the largest island, São Miguel, you will find volcanic hot springs and a beautiful crater lake. In the middle of the island is one of the few tea plantations in Europe.


History. Culture. Heritage.

Pena Palace, Sintra, Portugal

When you see Sintra, it feels like you are in another world. The castles, palaces with mysterious gardens and wooded mountain slopes give a beautiful village and fairytale appearance. It is not surprising that it is on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Visit the castle ‘Palácio Nacional

da Pena’, castle ‘Castelo Dos Mouros’, the monastery ‘Convento dos Capuchos’ and many other places of interest when in Sintra. The antique buildings and beautiful nature keep attracting thousands of tourists every year, which is understandable considering Sintra is a lovely pearl in Portugal.

The Agitágueda Art Festival

Culture. Festival. Heritage.

The Agitágueda Art Festival in Águeda, Portugal

In Águeda, a cultural city in Portugal, an annual event is held in July where hundreds of coloured umbrellas are hung in the air. This unique tradition is not very old, but it attracts many people. It is becoming more and more popular, and more and every year, more tourists flock to

Portugal for this event. It is dominated by the art festival that is held annually. Don’t miss out on this beautiful event, as you can use it as a chance to get familiar with Portuguese culture and learn why it is so essential to the locals.


Heritage. Culture. Nature.

Obidos, Portugal

Óbidos is a historic and fascinating town located in western Portugal. The town is not far from Lisbon and is close to the Atlantic Ocean. The ancient history that Óbidos carries with it is visible all around. There was a time when the town belonged to the Romans, and in the twelfth

century, it belonged to a royal family, which was later passed down to the family matriarch, and as a result, the town became known as the city of queens. Óbidos is home to many beautiful churches and castles, many of which still exist and can be visited. Visit the castle ‘Castelo de Óbidos’ where you can enjoy a beautiful building surrounded by streets filled with whitewashed houses. The houses have blue, red and yellow colours and beautiful flowers. This gives the city a romantic and relaxing look.

Flights to Portugal: Best ticket deals

Home to Vasco da Gama, port wine, and a European tea plantation, this country in the Iberian Peninsula is famous for its historic towns and islands in the Atlantic Ocean.

Portugal, the land of port wine, historic buildings, ancient and modern villages, fascinating cities and delicious food. This country in southwestern Europe is an ideal holiday destination for both young and old. While young people like to be in the entertainment district of Albufeira or colourful Lisbon, it is a beautiful country to enjoy culture, art, and nature for adults. When you are in Portugal, you can be sure that the sun is shining. If you want to sit on a terrace, have a ‘Bica’ (similar to an espresso) or a glass of port. The Portuguese people love fish and make the tastiest dishes from it. It is a country to enjoy and relax.

Portugal is the perfect sunny destination to discover something new every year. It offers both sunny and winter destinations for seasonal in their vacation choices. Enjoy the excellent cuisine for which Portugal is so famous in every town and village. Don’t miss out on this beautiful country.

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