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Flights to Amsterdam: Cheap ticket deals!

A trip to Amsterdam is like no other! This beautiful capital of the Netherlands is where you stroll along with historical sights and districts such as the Jordaan, take a cruise through the canals while enjoying the view of the old canal houses, have a picnic in the Vondelpark, and take a look at all the beauty Amsterdam has to offer at the museums in the famous Museumplein. Your stay in Amsterdam guarantees an exceptional experience because it is so versatile and has something for everyone. If you can, don’t miss out on two of Amsterdam’s most popular annual events; Kings Day and Gay Pride. Amsterdam is one of Europe‘s most popular cities and should be top on the list of places you want to visit. Book your cheap flight tickets to Amsterdam and experience a unique and unforgettable city.

Flights to and from Amsterdam

Amsterdam Schiphol Airport is the city’s main airport, and a flight from any airport in the UK takes about 2 hours to arrive there. Looking for a city trip to Amsterdam? has the cheapest flight tickets to Amsterdam and other cities worldwide. You can quickly see the cheapest flights to and from Amsterdam in a handy overview. Compare rates now and book your flights to and from Amsterdam today.

Interesting facts about Amsterdam

  • Amsterdam has 165 canals with a total length of 75.5 km and more than 1,200 bridges connecting the canal banks;
  • There are more than half a million bicycles in Amsterdam. About 50,000 are stolen each year, and 10,000 are pulled from the canals;
  • Do you know that Amsterdam is a city on stilts? The city is located 6.7 meters below sea level. About eleven million poles are used to support the city. There are 9,000 poles under the Central Station, where an average house has about 10;
  • Amsterdam currently has 821,702 inhabitants. One hundred eighty nationalities, 216 trams, 2500 houseboats, 14 five-star hotels, 75 museums, 207 Van Gogh paintings, 15 cinemas, and 16 clubs. There’s something for everyone;
  • Amsterdam has 165 canals that are together 75 kilometres long. Amsterdam has more canals than Venice and Paris…!

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