Tulips and windmills in the Netherlands

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Things to see and do in the Netherlands


The city of canals.

Amsterdam is the Netherlands most famous city and one you never want to miss out on. Walk to the Kalverstraat, which starts at Dam Square, and do some shopping. The famous 9 Straatjes (Nine Streets) district is lovely, next to

the flower market. Combine your visit with a look at the impressive Anne Frank House in the city centre and check out the Jordaan district, where you have cosy restaurants and hip cafes. Hop on a canal cruise and see the city from a different perspective and hear all the stories about the old canal houses! The Museumplein is where you’ll find the Rijksmuseum, Van Gogh Museum and Stedelijk Museum, where the works of Rembrandt, Vincent van Gogh and other Dutch masters can be admired.

King's Day

Orange fever.

King's Day boat cruise in Amsterdam, the Netherlands

One of the biggest parties in the Netherlands is King’s Day. This holiday takes place every year on April 27, which the current King Willem-Alexander was born. It is a big day because the whole country literally shuts down because of

it. Many happen on that day – from festivals, special events, and concerts to street markets and cruises in the Amsterdam canals. The festival is celebrated everywhere.  Everything and everyone is decorated with orange or red-white-blue accessories and clothing. The Dutch celebrate all day long with music, drinks, and food. Visit the Netherlands on this day and take part in the celebrations.


Miniature city.

Miniature village in Madurodam, The Netherlands

Madurodam is a theme park in The Hague, where you discover what makes the Netherlands so unique. The miniature city shows all of the country’s beautiful highlights and teaches tourists, especially children, a lot

about the Netherlands. The Port of Rotterdam and Schiphol, among others, are depicted in Madurodam. The amusement park has been around since 1952 and attracts about 600,000 visitors every year. Madurodam is a fun outing for both children and adults and is worth visiting to learn more about how impressive the Netherlands is.

The Rijksmuseum

Rijksmuseum Amsterdam, the Netherlands

The most famous, largest and most visited museum in the Netherlands is the Rijksmuseum. This is an educational and impressive museum housed in a beautiful building designed by Pierre Cuypers, the same architect who

designed the Amsterdam central station.  With more than 200 rooms, there is always something to experience and admire. For example, the Rijksmuseum has rooms for events and rooms showcasing the works of Dutch masters like Vermeer and Rembrandt, among others. Don’t forget to take a look at Rembrandt’s world-famous work of art, the Night Watch.

The Veluwe

Beautiful nature.

Hoge Veluwe, Netherlands

The Netherlands is full of surprises, and the Veluwe is one. The nature in this area forms the basis for unique sculptures, fun, sporting activities, etc. The site has forests, moors, dunes and grassy landscapes. The Veluwe is

located in the province of Gelderland and is approximately 1,000 km² in size. It is an excellent walking and cycling area and one you do not want to miss out. You can visit for relaxation, but also culture and other activities. Walk the forest paths and find your way to the dunes to spot as many bird species as you can find. The Hoge Veluwe is where you will encounter deers, boars, foxes, badgers, nightjars and sometimes even amphibians and reptiles.

Dutch cuisine

Enjoy some Dutch specialties.

Traditional Dutch cuisine

The Netherlands has a unique cuisine and plenty of local specialities. One of the products the country is known for is cheese. Beemster cheese, Volendammer cheese, Maaslander and Old Amsterdam are the most popular.

In addition, well-known beer brands such as Heineken and Amstel are enjoyed worldwide. You have the Heineken Experience in Amsterdam, where you can tour the old brewery and become a real beer connoisseur. Classic dishes such as pea soup, kale, pancakes, bitterballen, frikadel, herring, and oliebollen are typically Dutch. Taste as many of these dishes as you can and discover why the Dutch are crazy about them.


Seaside resort and circuit.

Zandvoort, Netherlands

Discover this cosy seaside resort and enjoy the sun, sea and beach. In addition, it is the ideal base for day trips to Haarlem or into nature. Zandvoort is a popular destination thanks to its extensive beach, circuit and proximity to lively

cities like Haarlem and Leiden. Zandvoort also borders on a vast nature reserve, ideal if you want to combine your beach visit with a walk through the woods and heathlands. Looking for a fun activity for the whole family during your visit to Zandvoort? Combine your day at the beach with a visit to Jutters mu-Zee-um and discover what has been washed up on the beach over the years. The Zandvoort’s Museum also offers a unique collection devoted to local history and art.


History, culture, and more.

The canals of Haarlem, Netherlands

Looking for a charming destination for a romantic weekend away, a day of shopping with friends or a holiday with the whole family? Then choose Haarlem! The city has everything to offer, from picturesque shopping streets

to vibrant nightlife and countless museums. Opt for a weekend trip to this city with a village atmosphere and enjoy the pleasant shopping streets, the extensive cultural offer and the nearby Zandvoort beach. Visit the Frans Hals Museum, the Teylers Museum, or the Grote Markt for the local market. There are several interesting buildings on this square, such as the town hall and the famous St. Bavo Church, where Mozart once played a tune on the organ. Return in the evening for a nice drink in one of the cafes or clubs on and around the square.


Tulips, tulips, and more tulips!

Are you coming to the Netherlands in the spring? Then pay a visit to Keukenhof and experience the beautiful bloom of the Dutch tulips and other flowers for which the Netherlands is famous. The Keukenhof is the most

famous and largest flower park globally and is located not far from Amsterdam. They are in bloom in April and May, and the bulb fields are worth visiting. The Keukenhof, the largest flower park globally, opens its doors during this period. More than 7 million flower bulbs are planted in Keukenhof every year. The many gardens and four beautiful pavilions display a fantastic collection of tulips, hyacinths, daffodils, orchids, roses, carnations, irises, lilies and other flowers. The colours and scents will overwhelm you.


Cheese, history, and more.

Cheese carries in Alkmaar cheese market

Visit the cheese market in the summer, sail through the canals in a rented motorboat, explore the area by bike and grab a cosy terrace in this lovely city. Alkmaar offers every type of visitor, thanks to its cultural heritage, the

convenient location near the coast and the pleasant shopping streets. Whether you want to stay for a weekend or a whole week, there is always more than enough to do. Stroll through the “Laat” and the “Langestraat”, the two most significant shopping streets in Alkmaar, for an afternoon of fun shopping. Relax with a cold drink on the Waagplein, which quickly fills up with people when the weather is nice. The famous Cheese Market takes place between April and September, and pay a visit to watch traditional cheese carriers at work while enjoying the cosy atmosphere.


Burgundian charms.

Shopping street, Maastricht, The Netherlands

Visit the Netherland’s most southern city in the middle of a Burgundian environment. You can shop, visit museums and view old fortresses. Maastricht is especially popular for its quaint shopping streets, historical sites, and charming

atmosphere. Enjoy the delicate hilly landscape that sometimes resembles the south of France! Visit the 14th-century Sint Servaas Bridge over the Maas in the city. Then walk to the Basilica of St. Servatius, where you can visit the treasury and cloisters for a fee. The church is located on the well-known Vrijthof, where you will also find numerous national monuments. For some culture, head to the Bonnefantenmuseum, which houses modern and ancient art exhibitions. Just south of the city is the Sint-Pietersberg, where you have beautiful views and can visit limestone caves.

Flights to the Netherlands: Best ticket deals

Modern and medieval architecture, traditional and liberal features, the Netherlands is full of contrasts. Get out into the serene and beautiful nature or go for a day of shopping in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, or Maastricht. The Netherlands is one of the most exciting countries in Europe and has everything to make your visit a memorable one.

The Netherlands is a small country that has a lot to offer tourists. Its unique nature consists of flat landscapes with unique flower species, meadows, dunes and lovely beaches. The country also has delicious cheeses, a rich history and a unique culture. Get in touch with Dutch customs, visit known and unknown cities and get acquainted with the culture, history, sights and sounds. Sail along the Amsterdam canals, admire the windmills, enjoy the landscapes filled with colourful tulips, visit historical highlights and be a tourist in this beautiful low country.

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