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Flights to Athens: Best ticket deals

Enjoy breathtaking views from the hills of this beautiful city and get a taste of Greece‘s Antiquity. In Athens, the treasures of Antiquity and the best of the modern present come together against a backdrop of mountains and the crystal-clear blue Aegean Sea, which is dotted with islands. Whether you’re a history or art buff or love Greek mythology and fantastic views, there’s plenty to do in this city that has inspired stories, books, poems, and movies.

Things to see and do in Athens

Greek ruins

It can get sweltering in the afternoons, especially during the peak summer season. So plan your walks in the morning. Enjoy a cup of strong Greek coffee and explore the many archaeological sites in and around the city centre. Visit Pnyx Hill, where great speakers like Aristides and Pericles inspired their compatriots to realise the world’s first democracy. Stroll through the ancient city centre, the Agora, where Socrates and Plato once walked in their billowing gowns, unravelling philosophical questions. The Acropolis is where you stop to marvel at the remains of the ancient temples to the gods of Mount Olympus and the stunning views.

Museums, restaurants, and more

In the afternoon you can cool off in the many museums and galleries. In the affluent district of Kolonaki in the downtown area, you will find top shops and restaurants and the Benaki Museum, which is housed in a beautifully restored mansion. This is a fantastic place to learn about the history and culture of Greece. The New Acropolis Museum in the old Makrigianni district shows the art, culture and customs of the inhabitants of the Acropolis from prehistoric times to late Antiquity.

Day trip from Athens?

There is more than enough to do in Athens, but don’t let that stop you from taking a look outside the city. Rent a car and see more. The Temple of Poseidon sits atop a rocky hill overlooking the Aegean Sea at Cape Sounion on the Saronic Gulf. Delphi and several other islands are nearby and can be visited on a day trip and not tired after your day trip? Then immerse yourself in the nightlife in and around Omonia Square.

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Athens is the perfect destination whether you’re looking for a long city trip or a short weekend getaway. Athens International Airport is the international airport serving the city. It is the country’s largest airport and serves as the central hub for Aegean Airlines. You can easily use public transport to find your way to the city centre. Find your tickets and book on this page. Travelgenio.uk has the cheapest airline tickets to Athens and other parts of the world.

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