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Things to see and do in England


The city of culture

Famous Big Ben during sunset in London, England, UK

London is full of impressive buildings funded by the wealth that England has amassed during its time as a global empire. The Elizabeth Tower, better known as Big Ben, marks the gigantic 19th-century parliament building

Westminster Palace, right on the River Thames. Just down the road is the famous Tower Bridge, a drawbridge supported by two huge Victorian towers. Don’t forget to visit Buckingham Palace, the stately London residence of the English Queen.

Lake District

Nature, lakes, and more.

Sunrise in Grasmere, in the English Lake District

The Lake District is located in the northwest of England and is a national park with beautiful mountains and valleys overlooking large lakes. The national park, also known as Lakelands, offers sporty vacationers the opportunity

to enjoy the diverse nature fully. Go cycling, canoeing or hiking through the mountains. Swim or sail in the mysterious waters and enjoy the tranquillity around you. The Lake District is known for its beautiful nature and its rich history. The well-known romantic poet William Wordsworth grew up here, and it is clear to see where he got his inspiration from. Immerse yourself in unique nature and enjoy beautiful poetry in an area where diversity and uniqueness are not lacking.


Nature and rugged coastline.

Village in Cornwall England

The Duchy of Cornwall is located in the most western part of England. This is an area where you will find a rugged coastline of rocks and breathtaking beaches. Cornwall is known as ideal surfing and walking area. Compared to the

rest of England, it enjoys a moderate summer climate. It is warm in summer and not so cold in winter. There are palms, tea plantations, and gardens full of colourful flower species. Due to significant precipitation, swamps can be found in this area. There is a lot of history to discover in Cornwall, and it is well worth spending a day or two. Visit the villages and towns. See the sights and enjoy the beautiful nature around you. Be surprised by the diversity of Cornwall.


City of Dreaming Spires.

Cityscape of Oxford, England

Oxford is a world-famous city known as the City of Dreaming Spires. The city has many architectural masterpieces that show its rich and remarkable history. The fairytale, mysterious appearance is the character of

Oxford that so many visitors have come to love. The city is regularly used as a film set and this is partly because one of the oldest and best-regarded universities globally is located here: Oxford University. Today, many colleges can also be found in Oxford. Visit this beautiful city and discover all of its proud history.


Mysterious and iconic.

Stonehenge at night, England

Stonehenge is a remarkable monument consisting of 30 large boulders that weigh no less than 50 tons. It is one of England’s most mysterious and iconic attractions. There is a history behind it that goes back more than six thousand

years, but very little is known about it. The reason for its construction is unknown, as is the purpose for which it served. Stonehenge is unique in itself, is on the UNESCO World Heritage List and is seen as one of the world’s wonders. The memorial can be found in Wiltshire, near the town of Amesbury and is visited by many tourists every year. It is beautiful to see how the sun shines through the boulders. The landscape behind it makes Stonehenge even more attractive. Join a tour early in the morning or later in the evening. Around these times, you have permission to view the boulders even closer. There are no fences anymore, and you can walk past the monument or even touch it.

Visit an English theatre

Theaters, concerts, and culture.

The Royal Albert hall entrance in South Kensington, London, England

The English are known for their eye-catching theatres and musicals. There are some beautiful theatres located in London, which are said to be as beautiful as New York‘s Broadway. It is almost an obligation to attend a musical

if you are in London. The well-known and the small, unknown performances provide great entertainment for visitors and locals. England more than lives up to its reputation with musicals. The musicals draw full houses almost every evening. Both the English population and tourists like to come and watch the talented players and musicians. Shakespeare plays are a highlight in the theatre. The most famous theatres are National Theatre, Old Vic, Royal Court and Drury Lane.

Iconic England

Experience England's iconic traditions

Fish and chips in London, England

England is known for its many cultures and traditions. Think, for example, of English tea, Fish and Chips and the sport of cricket and the English Premier League. It is always fun to know that rugby and golf also originated

from England for sports enthusiasts. The premier league is also very popular, and a tour of some of the stadiums is a must. Think about Chelsea FC’s Stamford Bridge, Manchester United’s Old Trafford, and Liverpool’s Anfield. These are iconic sports stadiums that are known all over the world. Catch a football or cricket match at the stadium or a typical English pub, drink some beer, cheer with the locals, and enjoy fish and chips afterwards.

Taste an English Breakfast

When in England ...

Traditional English breakfast on a plate

Everyone knows an English breakfast, and very few people have tasted it. When you are in England, you can hardly miss this delicacy. When you wake up in the morning, eat a toasted sandwich with bacon, sausage, eggs, tomatoes,

mushrooms and beans. Wash it down with a delicious cup of tea, and you can finally say you have tasted it. The population does not eat this big breakfast every day and is intended chiefly for weekends. However, this traditional dish is served daily in almost every restaurant, hotel or eatery in England. It is well worth getting your taste buds in touch with this classic English cuisine.

Flights to England: Best ticket deals

A history spanning thousands of years, impressive modern cities and the most varied landscapes make England a popular destination in Europe.

England is part of the United Kingdom, and in the four nations of the United Kingdom, England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland, there’s a world of culture, history and natural beauty to find. There is plenty to see and experience, from bustling London or Manchester to the wild Scottish Highlands, from tranquil fishing villages to magnificent royal palaces and castles.

England is known for its wealth, but visiting the country is surprisingly affordable. The leading museums are free to enter, and the grand architecture and beautiful universities can be enjoyed outdoors. You can see the best sights in London very affordably.

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Of course, you may already know which destination you want to visit in England. Fly in via London Heathrow Airport, London City Airport, London Luton Airport, or Manchester Airport and easily find your way to the city centre and other parts of the country. If you want to see more information about this destination, check the overview of destinations below. Would you like to book immediately? That’s also a possibility! Search for your desired destination in our search box, and we’ll help you find the best flights. Your cheap flight to England is just a click away.

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