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Europe is a versatile continent, and most countries and areas are suitable for an adventurous or active holiday. If an active holiday is what you are looking for, or maybe just a relaxing city trip, then the possibilities vary significantly according to the season (active winter sports or a relaxing holiday in summer), the duration of the vacation, holidays with children or as a couple, etc. The Alps, Scandinavia, and the Canary Islands are ideal for an active trip in winter. In the summer, all countries in Europe are popular destinations for those who love open-air festivals and sunny beach holidays.

Things to see and do in Europe

There is so much to see and do in Europe. Every corner of the continent has something to offer every kind of visitor, from the ardent hiker and wine enthusiast to the adventurous surfer and beach sun chaser. For the adrenaline junkies and lovers of winter, Europe also has a log of winter sports locations. Think about France, Spain, Switzerland,  Italy, etc.

Europe is home to so much varied culture, architecture and beautiful nature in such a small part of the world as in Europe. The most remarkable thing about travelling in Europe is the enormous concentration of different cultures and wildlife on such a relatively small continent. Within a few hours, you end up in a neighbouring country where a completely different language is spoken. The architecture has its unique style, and the landscapes sometimes don’t resemble home.

Europe has many highlights and must-see places for all types of visitors. Don’t miss out on the great charms of this continent.

Book the best destinations in Europe

There are many exciting destinations in Europe. But how do you choose which country to visit? It might be challenging to decide if you are still thinking about it. So have a look at the complete overview of countries in Europe, which hopefully will help you choose. And because each country has so much to offer, you might even end up visiting a part of the world you have never been to before. Also, check out the overview of other continents to see what they offer.

Do you already know which destination you would like to fly to in Europe? Fly into different airports like Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, London Heathrow Airport, Barcelona El Prat Airport, etc., and easily find your way around these countries. Go ahead and search for your desired destination in our search box, and we’ll help you find the best flights. Enjoy saving money on flights to Europe!

Some more interesting destinations in Europe


Culture. History. Awesome food.

Venice, Italy

In Italy, you have the splendour of historic cities such as Florence, Lucca and Siena. Those rolling hills and old farms. Those vineyards and winding country roads full

of cypress trees. Those medieval mountain towns. The old men on the central village piazzas. Those fresh pasta and olives. The delicious wine. Tuscany is like you imagine Italy in your dreams. It is rightfully one of the most beautiful destinations in Europe. Sardinia is also another beautiful destination with its turbulent past and cultural allure. The island is dotted with relics from times of Spanish, Roman and Arab rulers. The unique but fantastic local cuisine is also worth travelling for.


Culture. History. Cuisine. Warm locals.

Jerez de la Frontera, Spain

In Andalusia, you experience the fire and the soul of Spain. You often have to ask yourself: “Am I dreaming?” The incredible warmth of the sun, delicious tapas bars with

dripping hams, some of the most beautiful cities in southern Europe such as Seville, Cadiz, Granada and Cordoba, the most beautiful Moorish buildings and beautiful ‘pueblos Blanco’s (white mountain villages) such as Casares, Mijas Pueblo, Grazalema or Arcos de la Frontera. Andalusia is also the cradle of Flamenco. Don’t miss the chance to visit one of the many shows, where your heart will be touched by the passion and beauty of a well-preserved culture!


History. Cuisine. Nature.

Athens, Greece

The Cyclades are the perfect archipelago for island hopping. This Greek archipelago’s best known and most photogenic islands are Santorini, Mykonos, Paros, Syros,

and Naxos. Each island has its classic architectural style with the typical white and blue colours. Ancient temples and excavations alternate with Byzantine churches, Venetian fortresses and the usual Greek windmills. Without exception, the villages consist of a maze of narrow streets, cosy terraces and taverns. To complete the Greek holiday feeling, you will find more beautiful beaches here than you can visit in one holiday.


Nature. Rugged Beauty. Warm locals.

Aberdeen, scotland

The rugged and mystical Scottish Highlands are among the most beautiful nature destinations in Europe. You can’t help but be impressed as you travel through the landscape

of high mountains, deep lochs and vast forests. The Highlands make you spontaneously believe in the many legends of mythical creatures and lake monsters. It is not without reason that countless films and TV series have chosen this landscape as a backdrop. In addition to the fantastic nature, the locals are very hospitable. Grab a seat at the bar in a local pub, and you’ll have the evening of your life.


Rugged Nature. History. Culture.

Backpackers in Bergen, Norway

The Norwegian Fjords have been voted the most beautiful place on earth by National Geographic several times. This is where age-old fables and legends about trolls and elves

come to life. Føre is a good starting point to view the Fjords, and from Geiranger, you follow the famous Eagle bend route with spectacular views of the Fjords, glaciers and waterfalls. On the rugged coasts are several fantastic cities, including Stavanger and Bergen. Both cities have beautiful old centres with the typical wooden houses and a lively atmosphere.


Rugged Nature. History. Warm locals.

Seniors in Reykjavik, Iceland

As far as we are concerned, Iceland has to be one of the most beautiful places in Europe. You find geysers, lagoons, waterfalls, glaciers, volcanoes, and the Landmannalaugar

area inland in this utterly unique landscape. In winter, you can see the Northern Lights with a bit of luck. Lapland is also known as ‘the last wilderness of Europe’. This vast area high in Scandinavia stretches across northern Norway, Sweden, Finland and part of Russia.

All the countries in Europe

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