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Flights to Mexico City: Cheap ticket deals!

The vibrant, colourful Mexico City is a popular holiday destination due to its many sights and beautiful surroundings. The city is located in the middle of the country, near sunny Puerto Vallarta. More than 23 million inhabitants live in the metropolitan area of Mexico and about 9 million in the city itself. This makes Mexico City one of the largest urban areas in the world. Are you looking for cheap airline tickets? has the most affordable airline flight tickets to Mexico City. Benefit from our cheap flight deals on this page and book your airline tickets at the best rates!

Things to see and do in Mexico City

A vacation in Mexico City means enjoying the sun, vibrant culture and rich history. The city was founded by the Aztecs as early as 1325, something the flag of Mexico proudly points to. In this never-sleeping city, there is always something to see and do. Besides a visit to the Zócalo square, the Basilica of Guadalupe is also very worthwhile. The beautiful church is located north of Zócalo and attracts many visitors because Our Lady of Guadalupe has appeared there. The Basilica of Guadalupe, which consists of two churches, was built in 1531 and completed in 1709. The flowery floating gardens of Xochimilco are also an exceptional must-see. Many canals can be found in the Xochimilco district, where these floating gardens can be admired. Therefore, a boat trip in one of the colourful boats on the channel is a popular attraction.

Check out La Condesa, the ideal place for anyone who would like to return home with something more than just memories. If you love shopping, you would love La Condesa, where you’d find a lot of art deco and other many trendy products. There are also countless creative shops to visit, and the vast majority of restaurants have an attractive terrace where you can chill and enjoy some drinks.

Don’t miss Zócalo. Every big city has a square, and beautiful sights can often be found on this square. Mexico City is certainly no different in this regard. Zócalo is the city’s square, and you can sit there and watch people pass by and enjoy the city’s vibrancy and atmosphere. Also, take the time to visit all the monuments that can be found around the square. The impressive National Palace can be located right at the front of the square.

Are you into museums, and would you like to visit some during your stay in Mexico City? Then you are in luck because there are lots of fascinating museums to choose from in the city. Visit the National Museum of Anthropology or the Frida Kahlo Museum. Frida Kahlo is an exciting museum for true art lovers. The artist is best known for her unique self-portraits. This museum is also called the pride of Mexico, and there is so much of her work to see in the museum.

Paseo de la Reforma. To get acquainted with Mexican culture in a short time, you certainly don’t have to travel all over the city. All you have to do is pay a visit to Paseo de la Reforma. Learn more about Mexico City, its history and Mexican culture in this beautiful avenue.

History buffs never miss the Pyramid of Huitzilopochtli. It is stunning to see, and the antiquity is striking. There are more pieces of rich history in the city, but this one is one of the most impressive. This Pyramid of Huitzilopochtli offers you plenty of opportunities to admire the remains of the real old Mexico. The surrounding area is quite sober, and that is what makes it so complete. Don’t forget to visit and be awestruck by it.

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