Mayan ruins of Palenque, Chiapas, Mexico

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Central America has it all: jungle, volcanoes, tropical rainforests, beautiful beaches, ancient ruins, wildlife, many cultural experiences and tasty local cuisine. Relax for a few days on the beach, travel around and immerse yourself in another culture. Visit for year-round heat, warm weather, spicy food, tropical beaches and warm-hearted residents. See also remnants of ancient civilizations.

Things to see and do in Central America

Visit Nicaragua, Panama, Belize and other Central American countries for their beautiful beaches, history, culture, ancient ruins, delicious food, and so much more. Enjoy the varied cuisine in the different countries. Sample fresh seafood, stuffed empanadas, spicy sauces, and sweet milk desserts.

Whatever vacation you want, choose from countless fun and popular destinations in Central America, and you will never be disappointed.

Book the best destinations in Central America

There are many exciting destinations in Central America. But how do you choose which country to visit? It might be challenging to decide if you are still thinking about it. So, look at the complete overview of Central American countries, which will hopefully help you choose. And because each continent has so much to offer, you might even end up visiting a part of the world you have never been to before. Also, check out the overview of other continents to see what they offer.

Do you already know which destination you would like to fly to in Central America? Fly into different airports like Tocumen International Airport, Belize Goldson Airport, Augusto C. Sandino Airport, etc., and easily find your way around these countries. Go ahead and search for your desired destination in our search box, and we’ll help you find the best flights. Enjoy saving money on flights to Central America!

Some interesting destinations in Central America


Beaches. Nature. Cuisine.

Belize, Central America

When most people think of Belize, they think of a beach and an azure blue sea and that is completely justified. Only there is so much more. Belize is like a treasure trove of Mayan culture. The dense jungle that covers large parts

of the country with its unique flora and fauna are a must for every nature lover.


Culture. Nature. Art.

Flores, Guatemala

Culture, art, nature and adventure: Guatemala has it all! Colonial cities, which you can wander through for days, indigenous villages where people walk around in colourful costumes. But also fascinating ancient Mayan cities, deep

in the jungle, a Pacific and Caribbean coast, breathtaking lakes and countless active volcanoes! Guatemala is a country you would visit and immediately fall in love with.


History. Culture. Beaches.

Panama - Panama City View vanaf colonial Hill

Panama has beautiful nature, a mix of different cultures and unique sights. From green highlands to tropical jungles and paradise islands. Surrounded by the Caribbean Sea on one side and the Pacific Ocean on the other, Panama

has plenty of beaches. From party beaches to abandoned gems. Panama’s got it all! Visit this gem in Central America and discover all that it has to offer.


Mayan history. Nature. Cuisine.

Ruins of residential area of Mayan Ruins - Copan Archaeological Site, Honduras

With excellent diving spots, famous Mayan sites and one of the most pristine and remote areas of Central America, you would think Honduras is overrun with tourists. Nothing could be further from the truth and that is precisely

what makes this country so attractive. Do you want to fly Honduras and discover more about this beautiful country? Book your cheap tickets here on this page!

El Salvador

Rugged nature. Culture.

Playa El Zonte, El Salvado

The landscape of El Salvador is breathtaking, with volcanoes and mountains offering “green” adventurers exactly what they are looking for. Many of the environmental civic organizations promote

ecotourism and there are a number of beautiful and secluded beaches and forests scattered all over the country. Visit the colonial towns of Apaneca, Juayua, Panchimalco and Suchitoto, as well as the Mayan sites of San Andrés, Joya de Cerén (the Pompeii of Central America and a UNESCO World Heritage Site) and Tazumal, whose main pyramid is some 33 m (75 m) feet) in the air.


Rugged nature. Culture. History.

Leon, Nicaragua

With its beautiful lakes, huge volcanoes, atmospheric colonial cities, very varied nature and attractive snow-white sandy beaches, Nicaragua is really a must to visit. Visit Granada which is Nicaragua’s first Spanish

settlement and the most beautiful city in the country, with well-preserved colonial architecture. Are you a party animal or do you like surfing? Then catch a bus to San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua’s most popular beach destination on the southwestern coast.

Smouldering volcanoes, rainforests full of panthers and caimans, and a sea full of hammerhead sharks and whale sharks. The exciting nature of Costa Rica does not seem to be for everyone! But if you like adventure, then you are in

the right place in this beautiful country. Nature alone gives you an adrenaline rush and there are several ways in which you can discover it. Although Costa Rica is relatively small, the country has 20 national parks. Join an ecotour, observe wildlife and natural vegetation. See nesting sea turtles, fish for megalops and explore the rainforest.

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