Discovering Finland, falling in love and loosing yourself

21 Mar Discovering Finland, falling in love and loosing yourself

travelThis Nordic country, which is part of the Baltic states, is a country with many faces. Depending on the time of the year, the country can be seen in completely different and magnificent appearances. Thereby, you can discover and experience unique things in spring, summer, autumn and the long winter. As winter sports activities are very popular in spring and winter, you can especially in spring and summer enjoy the unique diversity of the nature and flora and fauna.

This is interesting and eventful for both nature lovers and connoisseurs as for all those who want to spend their holidays wisely far away from the metropolises and relax sustainably. Finland offers travellers a rich adventure programme for nature lovers as well as classical holiday makers with cultural and leisure activities.

So, which special things can be discovered in Finland?

Between September and March but also in other months of the year, you can see the aurora, respectively aurora borealis, in Finland. Many thousands of tourists make a pilgrimage to see the amazing aurora in the Northern regions.

The principle is: the closer you are to the North Pole the better you can see the polar light. The best box seats to see this nature spectacle are near Nellim, Utsjoki, Kakslauttanen and Ivalo. Those who want to make a trip in the further away regions should be well-prepared and, if necessary, make a guide tour.

Snowshoeing is also a popular way of spending you free time in Finland. It is not even that difficult and can be even learned by absolute beginners in a very short time. When having accustomed to the new shoes, you can discover the Finnish forests and widths in untouched deep snow regions. Here, while being in nature, you can completely relax and find the way back to yourself.

This experience is suitable for your whole family and apart from the high fun factor, this kind of movement in deep snow keeps you fit and healthy. Where to make a tour with snowshoes should definitely be previously discussed with the numerous sport schools and rentals that will equip you with the respective basic equipment.

Those who know how to ice skate or who want to try or learn it, will get, especially in winter, tens of thousands frozen lakes in the Finnish winter landscape with perfect conditions. Here, apart from the fun you can have with your whole family, the scenic and nature-close background is unique.