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Things to know about Manchester Airport

Manchester Airport is the third busiest airport in the United Kingdom behind London Heathrow Airport and London Gatwick. More than 25 million travellers use the airport every year. The airport was built in 1935 and had three terminals, two runways, and a train station. Manchester city centre is accessible by train, tram and taxi.

Facilities at the Manchester Airport

Manchester is one of the most popular cities in Europe, making Manchester Airport one of the busiest in England. Manchester Airport has three terminals. The ‘Skylink moving walkways connect terminals 1 and 2’, and in between them is the airport train station (The Station). Terminal 3, officially opened in 1989 as ‘Terminal A’ by Diana Princess of Wales, is connected to Terminal 1. The airport also has a private terminal (PremiAir) west of the runways. The airport has numerous facilities, including shops and restaurants. You can enjoy a nice drink or snack at any of the airport’s many (fast-food) restaurants and bars. There is also a wide choice of clothing stores for all your shopping needs.

Where is Manchester Airport located and how do I get to the city centre?

Manchester Airport is located south of the Manchester city centre and is easily accessible via the M56 and M60 motorways. You can opt for a taxi to your hotel. Outside rush hour, a taxi ride would take about 20 minutes. The travel time can be up to an hour in rush hour. A good alternative is to travel by public transportation. A train ride takes about 25 minutes. The Manchester Piccadilly terminus station is located on the edge of the city centre.

Manchester Airport has its train station, known as The Station. The train station is located between Terminal 1 and 2, accessible via the ‘Skylink moving walkways’. A train (TransPennine Express/Northern Rail/Arriva Trains Wales) departs at least every 10 minutes to and from Manchester Piccadilly train station; the train journey takes 15 minutes.

What is the approximate flight duration from any part of the UK to Manchester Airport?

A direct flight from any airport in the UK to Manchester airport takes about 55 minutes. There are direct flights from London, Belfast, Newquay, etc. If a stopover is planned, the travel time will, of course, be longer, and you can find this on your ticket.

Other information about Manchester Airport

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