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Things to know about London Luton Airport

London Luton Airport is one of London‘s six airports located 55 kilometres northwest of the city. The airport is located near the city of Luton, from which it gets its name. London Luton Airport is mainly used for flights within Europe. The leading airlines that use the airport are low budget airlines such as easyJet and Ryanair. For example, easyJet uses Luton Airport as a hub where airline passengers can transfer to other easyJet flights. In addition to these airlines, British Airways, Vueling, and Wizz Air also fly to London Luton Airport.

Travellers can travel between the airport and London by train, bus and taxi. Thameslink offers a direct train connection between London Luton Airport (Luton Airport Parkway Station), London Gatwick Airport, and other parts of England.

Facilities at the London Luton Airport

Luton Airport consists of a terminal and three boarding areas. The airport terminal has two floors; the check-in desks, security check and arrival hall are located on the ground floor. The departure hall is on the first floor, where you have access to the boarding gates. Although London Luton Airport is relatively small, there is no shortage of facilities. There are stores, restaurants, lounges, free wifi, etc.

Where is the London Luton Airport located, and how do I get to the city centre?

London Luton Airport is located northwest of London, a short distance from Luton, home to approximately 210,000 people. The location is well situated close to the M1 motorway, exit 10, and the A1081 (New Airport Way) will take you to the airport.

There are several ways to get to London’s centre from London Luton easily. The fastest way to central London is the Thameslink train service. The train ride from Luton Airport Parkway to St Pancras International takes an average of 35 minutes. You can also stay a little longer and get off at Farringdon, City Thameslink and London Blackfriars; these stations are more centrally located in London. For more information, visit the Thameslink website. A shuttle bus departs outside the terminal to Luton Airport Parkway train station, where you can catch a train to London.

The bus ride takes an average of 10 minutes. You can buy tickets at the airport, and it is only possible to pay in cash. The buses depart from the airport regularly between 05:00 and 00:00, as do the trains from the train station.

The National Express bus is another popular option. The bus stop is right outside ‘Arrivals’ and buses run directly to central London (Victoria Station) in under an hour. The bus leaves four times an hour.

What is the approximate flight duration from other parts of the UK to London Luton Airport?

A direct flight from any airport in the UK to London Luton Airport takes approximately 1.5 hours. There are direct flights from Manchester, Belfast, Edinburgh, etc. If a stopover is planned, the travel time will, of course, be longer, and you can find this on your ticket.

Other information about London Luton Airport

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