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Things to know about London City Airport

London City Airport (LCY) is located in the city itself, east of central London, near the A13 motorway in the Royal Docks area. Thanks to its central location in the middle of the city, the airport is particularly popular with business people who fly to London early in the morning and back home in the evening.

The London City Airport is relatively small, so it’s not as busy as the London Heathrow Airport. Due to its small size, going through customs and picking up your bags at the baggage claim doesn’t take much time.

There are daily direct flights from, among others, KLM, Cityjet and British Airways from all parts of the UK and Europe to London City Airport. While the location of London City Airport may be ideal, one of its disadvantages is that flights to the airport command high prices. This is mainly because low-cost airlines do not fly to this airport in the heart of London. But on the other hand, finding your way to the city centre wouldn’t cost much, and there’s also the advantage of saving time if you happen to fly into London through London City Airport.

Facilities at the London City

The airport handled more than 4.8 million travellers in 2018, mainly business travellers, who take advantage of the short distance between the airport and the Canary Wharf and London business districts. There is a free wifi connection in the airport for travellers to be able to surf the internet. There are also airport lounges where you can wait for your connecting flight or be picked up by loved ones. London City Airport also has Luggage lockers/depot for travellers who would love to go into the city without their luggage.

Furthermore, the airport consists of a two-storey terminal. The arrivals hall and check-in desks are located on the ground floor, the security check and boarding gates (Departures) can be found on the first floor.

Where is the London City Airport located?

London City Airport is located east of London city centre, close to the A13 road. The airport is located almost directly on the Thames near the London business district and the Canary Wharf.

What is the approximate flight duration from other parts of the UK to London City Airport?

A direct flight from any airport in the UK to London City airport takes approximately 1.5 hours. There are direct flights from Manchester, Belfast, Edinburgh, etc. If a stopover is planned, the travel time will, of course, be longer, and you can find this on your ticket.

How do I get from London City Airport to the city centre?

Of all the airports in London, London City Airport is the most central, just 9 miles or 14 kilometres from central London (Charing Cross), approximately a 30-minute drive. The fastest way to travel from London City Airport to central London is via the Docklands Light Railway (DLR). The DLR takes just half an hour to take you from London City Airport station to Bank underground station in the city’s business district. From there you can transfer to the other underground lines that take you to the centre of London.

Can I park at London City Airport?

Parking is available in the MainStay parking space east of the airport terminal, between Hartmann Road and the water. The parking facility is uncovered, and the terminal can be reached in 5 minutes via a covered pedestrian walkway. For tariffs and more information, check out our airport parking page.

Which airlines fly to and from London City Airport?

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Other information about London City Airport

London City Airport is mainly used on weekdays. No flights are coming in or leaving from Saturday 1 pm to Sunday 12.30. Several well-known rental companies are located in the airport’s terminal if you want to rent a car at London City Airport. It is advisable to book your car in advance, so all you have to do is pick it up when you arrive.

A Visitor Oyster Card or London Travelcard for public transport is a must-have if you are travelling to London! You cannot buy single tickets on the buses in London, and the metro is twice as expensive if you decide to buy single metro tickets.

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